Protecting their Western Brides

No more dark clouds for Celine, Grace, and Ruby who were lucky enough to meet their saviors. Until their enemy showed up…

Surprising the Sheriff’s Heart

What Joseph didn’t expect when he returned home to reunite with his sister was to find Celine suffering from a cruel man’s manners. He immediately became her savior and soon fell for her, until he discovered an enemy just around the corner waiting for them! Will this enemy manage to spoil this blooming love?

Unforgettable love for the Sheriff’s heart

Grace knows that Jamie became a lawman to bring back justice. When he became a Sheriff, she couldn’t be happier for him but at the same time, she knew she was about to lose him. Although he proposed, his priority was to go after those who killed his parents at any cost. What if he knew that he was making some room for his enemy to steal his fiancee?

A Portrait of Western Love

Painting for Ruby was her exit from the outside world after her social life had been sacrificed for her sister’s shake. Soon her life will change again when Sterling enters her heart. This aims to be the first sight of love. However, something unexpected happens to challenge their love. Will this love last?

*If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Protecting their Western Brides”!

Buy “Protecting their Western Brides” and unlock three exciting stories today!

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