Secrets and Scandals

Does a scandalous Duke deserve a second chance? Hidden identities, great secrets, and inevitable scandals put their lives in danger and only love can save them!

Anna is fighting for those in need putting her own reputation at risk, Bridget hides her identity underneath a doctor's mask when a horrible disease spreads like wildfire in Falmouthand and Olivia discovers her fiancee's concealed secret... How much can they take and how much will they risk for their duke's love?

For the Heart of a Rebellious Governess

While working as a governess, Anna Smith never imagined that her employer’s brother was the same young man she had a quarrel with after they bumped into each other in the poorer parts of the city… a duke's son wandering in disguise, helping those in need!

The two of them will be trapped in a dance of fighting for those who cannot do it alone and fighting for their forbidden romance…

Braving the Outbreak with the Duke

When a horrible disease spreads like wildfire in Falmouth, Bridget Garvey's knowledge of medicine is in need. But as the daughter of the Earl of Exeter, she cannot do so openly. Instead, she hides her identity underneath a mask, a necessary precaution these days…

The Dowager Duchess of Falmouth gets sick, but the rumors of her son, the recluse Duke, have all the townspeople wary of approaching the manor.  Bridget volunteers to enter the Duke’s household, to find out that he is simply a man in pain.

The Secrets of a Charismatic Duke

When a mysterious woman tells Lady Olivia that she is her betrothed fiancee, she begins doubting that Lord Logan Edenwood was, in fact, the man she thought to be when she met him at the theatre and fell in love with him and his talent in music.

Lord Logan Edenwood, the Duke of Charlington would tell her about his past one day, but it seems that time caught up with him! Is she ready to give the Duke a second chance in love?

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Secrets and Scandals”!

Buy “Secrets and Scandals” and unlock three exciting stories today!

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