The Countess’ Secret

A true lady has the power to break scociety's every rule!

The Duke's Writer was a lady, dressed like a man, aiming to become a published writer.The Duchess' Modiste opened her own bussines and achieved to create affortable fashion.Now, in this last part of Ladies' New Beginnings Series..

Rosaline, the daughter of a tailor, with no title or money, won Earl Simon's heart and she is becoming his wife, no matter their different status. Rosaline is not just a seamstress anymore. She is a Countess. But her story doesn't end with the wedding. That's only how it starts. However the ton -and especially Simon's mother- are quite bitter, even during the wedding day. An Earl with a commoner shouldn't be a thing!

Simon does his best to protect his marriage from the word's sharp eyes. But rumors and scandalsheets attack him and his wife again and again... The ton, his mother, as well as the most accomplished scandal sheet author make clear that his choice is not accepted... And the memories of his late father's warnings are still alive. Can he fight against them all? 

When Simon discovers Rosaline's dangerous secret, the couple's happiness is shadowed by fear and their trust to each other fades away... Will their marriage survive in a society that has no space for such and unsuitable match or will they live a life in misery?

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “The Countess' Secret”!

Buy “The Countess' Secret” and unlock the exciting story of Simon and Rosaline today!

Also available with Kindle Unlimited!

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