Miss Delphine’s Dangerous Game

Falling for her was innevitable... but trusting her was not as easy...

Who can resist Miss Delphine's charms? Strong and independent, Delphine Ivory takes over her late father's Inn, The famous "Seven Bells", one of the most popular places in London, usually visited by noble men travelling for business. A woman alone running an Inn is not an easy task, and the most difficult part of the job is... men! She is used in recieving gifts and copliments and has her ways to keep the suitors away without insulting them... until a mysterious nobleman arrives! Behind his handsome face, Delphine can see the ways of a rake...

Maxmilian Blane, the charming son of a powerful Baron, comes to the Inn for the first time, running away from his father's pressure about finding a bride. He is a cruel, bad mannerecd man who hates women. His heart has been broken in the past and now he believes all women are pure evil! He will be offensive toward Delphine and she will seek for revenge! She will make him fall in love with her, only to prove the power of a woman... 

But who knew that Maximilian had his own agenda as well?

Her lies feel unforgivable and his broken heart cannot take anymore of them. Lies and pride will be their enemies, while an Earl and a Marquess -both aiming for Delphine's hand- will threat them both. All they need to survive the madness is to find trust in each other!

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Book's Title”!

Buy “Book's Title” and unlock the exciting story of Hero's Name and Heroine's Name today!

Also available with Kindle Unlimited!

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